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Services and Advantages

Keeping in mind the current needs of the today’s IT professionals and companies, Officespace offers well suited working space with first class desk space at wonderful locations. Inclusive of prices, we provide full access to the meeting rooms with other facilities that you need, so to enable you actually to emphasize on the issues that matter the most.

Reserved WorkSpaces

Whether you are running a travel agency, call center or an IT company, we provide reserved office space where you can enjoy full freedom and flexibility of your own booked space. With Officespace, you will be able to be a part of the bigger organizational set up with access to most of the facilities.

Shared Workspaces

With Officespace, you can socialize your events either individually or in a team. Our superb space environment will enable you to do your productive stuff in an efficient way. Our consistent and trustworthy office space system is a perfect working place for you.

Meeting Rooms

No need to search for stylish conference room away from city, as our well-equipped small and large well interior meeting rooms are in center of Lahore city, equipped with all basic requirements to corporate facilities.  Maintaining ideal temperature inside with WI-FI access, white boards, you can ask for any other facility as well.

Online Business

Online businesses are becoming increasingly popular and therefore officespace ensures all the right amenities required for it. In case of power shutdown, you may lose all your precious data or in case of internet problem, you are unable to carry out your online meetings, therefore choosing office space for online business is key of success.


If you are interested in initiating your setup as marketing Research Company or you are interested in opening consultancy firm, you are able to do it instantly by choosing officespace. Your clients feel much satisfied through properly interior office, individual meeting rooms and location of the office is excellent for this purpose as well.

Virtual Office

If you are interested in developing and growing your business and you are unable to bear overhead and other office expenses, virtual office concept is just excellent choice for you. By selecting office space, you are able to get virtual receptionist, subordinate, voice services and teleconferencing facility as well.


Privacy is an important element for success of business and it is specifically required for uninterrupted operations of some business. Whether you are interested in getting cabins for call center or if you require well-furnished cabin for software house, you are able to rent them out at office space.

Call Center

Growing up call center require bigger expenses, therefore we are here with the solution. You are now able to rent out ideal place for your call center in fixed amount. You are now able to get the place according to number of your calling agents. We are here with dedicated internet line and continuous power backup, understanding requirements of call center industry.

Co-Working Space

Co working office idea has not still become very common in Asian region, therefore if you are looking for such a place, we are here with all the updated facilities and best co working space. You are now able to discuss your work strategies with other specialized persons in the office and the location is easily accessible from all the areas of Lahore easily.

Small Software House

Understanding the requirements of software house, we are updated with all the facilities. If you are interested in initiating your own software house, you are able to do it by renting out cabins or co working area and start your small software house, without worrying about increasing overhead costs.

Startup New Business

Initiating your own business require bigger capital amounts as well as costs for effective daily operations. By selecting office space, you are able to start up new business without worrying about capital cost and other expenses. Just pay out your monthly rent, and start up your business immediately.

Centralized Air Conditioned Spaces

Chillers and cupboard air conditioners have been installed instead of room ACs in order to provide more efficient and convenient working place. Your hot summer season will never be a hassle anymore.

Other Services And Advantages

Understanding office requirements and factors which can affect prosperity and success of business officespace offers all. You are able to collaborate with experienced person asking for business advice. To ensure flexible working environment to the top level, power supply backup and fast, high speed internet.

Various Investment Ideas For Startups

Different types of work stations are offered at officespace, therefore you are able to select one according to your business requirements. Run your office through smallest possible investments.

Small Teams

Maintain professional environment for the work even if you are team of 2 persons or more. From PKR 6500/- month

Working in any Shift

Work in the day or night, according to your business requirements, by becoming part of officespace community.From PKR 6500/- month

Independent Professionals

Avoid financial risks if you are working independently by joining us.From PKR 6500/- month

No Time-Limit

Join officespace without any long term contract. No need to worry about time limit.From 6500\- month


Book cabin today, for maintaining privacy of your business team.From 30000/- month

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